Panama City’s Riba Smith Group Contracts IT Creations, Inc., to Update Their New Disaster Recovery Site

(Panama City, Panama – February 2, 2017) Panama’s Riba Smith Group, a leader of retail supermarkets and food processing in Panama City, Panama recently contracted US based IT Hardware Supplier, IT Creations, Inc. to scale up and modernize their existing IT infrastructure. The food giant employs more than four thousand people who work out of eight different locations in and around Panama City. Their facilities are not only limited to retail stores but also include a five thousand square foot warehouse, and a fully automated plant among others. Understandably, updating their infrastructure was a top priority for the beloved grocer. IT Creations, Inc. has proven to be instrumental in Riba Smith’s plan to outfit their brand-new disaster recovery site Continue reading Panama City’s Riba Smith Group Contracts IT Creations, Inc., to Update Their New Disaster Recovery Site

IT Creations offers Mission Critical Services

Imagine this…

It’s Friday at 8:00 pm and just beginning to cool down after mid ninety-degree temperatures all week—and next week is supposed to be even hotter. Two hours ago you got an alert that your server room air conditioning failed and a critical server is down. The technician you called promptly fixed the air conditioner but your server suffered heat stroke. You need to replace the whole system, and you need a direct replacement with the same configuration. The manufacturer is going to take two weeks to deliver, and unfortunately, your usual vendors are closed over the weekend. Continue reading IT Creations offers Mission Critical Services

HP Z840 Workstation Review

The Z840 Workstation is a highly versatile and expandable powerhouse specifically designed for high-end computing, visual effects, post-production work, and CAD applications.

HP’s chassis allows tool-free access to most internal components but if security is an issue, a side access panel key lock and a security slot are standard features. Green touch points inside the chassis indicate removable components making upgrades to the system a breeze. The removable service panel is laser-etched with a clear layout of the system board for easy upgrades and troubleshooting. Continue reading HP Z840 Workstation Review

HP’s Machine — the future of computing?

May 5, 2015

With diminishing returns on the horizon as current silicon-based, transistor technology reaches physical limitations, HP has set out to develop the next generation of computing technology. They have an ambitious plan with a project called “The Machine” which is the largest Continue reading HP’s Machine — the future of computing?

The Demise of Windows XP

If you are a tech head and have not been living under a rock for the last several months, you should know support for Windows XP ended a while back in the summer of 2014.  Apparently the lifecycle of Windows XP is akin to that of a medium to large-size dog—with one human year equal to about seven dog years. Windows XP is 12 years old, and while it was a good loyal companion during those years of service, it’s time to say goodby…

But again you already know this, so why am I still talking about Win XP? Because many people are still Continue reading The Demise of Windows XP