2022 HP Z-Series Workstations Revealed

2022 HP Z-Series Workstations Revealed

January 31, 2022 0 By Lorena Mejia

The highly anticipated HP Z-series workstations were recently revealed, along with new generations of Elite and Pro desktops, plus All-in-one Conferencing PCs with Zoom Rooms. The new Z-series workstations include three models: the Z2 SFF Gen9, the Z2 Tower Gen9, and the Z1 Tower G9. The goal of these new systems is to squeeze more performance and powerful graphics into a smaller chassis. 

HP Z2 Small Form Factor (SFF) Gen9 in front of two monitors
HP Z2 Small Form Factor (SFF) Gen9, Courtesy of HP

HP Z2 SFF Gen9 Workstation

Offering an industry first for small form factor (SFF) workstations, the HP Z2 SFF Gen9 supports a full-height, full-length graphics card. Usually, SFF workstations are limited to low-profile GPUs for less demanding workflows, but this one supports the NVIDIA RTX A4000 or AMD Radeon Pro W6600 GPUs (or anything below these), both featuring a single width profile. This system is able to render, design, and run multiple applications with an Intel Xeon or Core vPro processor, and supports PCIe Gen4 high-speed bandwidth. With up to 128GB of ECC or nECC RAM, you can run the most resource-intensive apps without a glitch. To add to its flexibility and performance, users can access up to 36TB of storage in an instant with 3x storage bays and a trio of M.2 slots, powered by a 550W PSU. Now, you can get all the power of a full-size tower at a fraction of the size. It’s definitely capable of tackling a wide range of graphics-intensive operations, including GPU rendering, real-time visualization, and virtual reality. 

Front and rear ports of HP Z2 Small Form Factor (SFF) Gen9
HP Z2 Small Form Factor (SFF) Gen9, Courtesy of HP

HP Z1 Tower Gen9 Workstation

While information is fairly limited on all of these systems, we do know the HP Z1 Tower Gen9 workstation is billed as the most affordable HP entry workstation to date. Designers and editors can use it at a fraction of the price of any other Z-series workstation, yet still reap the benefits of ISV certifications and enhanced security capabilities. 

HP Z2 Tower Gen9 Workstation

And finally, the Z2 Tower Gen9 workstation offers a slightly larger form factor than the HP Z1 Tower and supports an NVIDIA RTX A5000 or AMD Radeon Pro W6800 GPU, in addition to anything on a performance tier below. This system features PCIe Gen5 high-speed bandwidth so there’s tons of potential! It allows users to access up to 48TB of storage with 4x storage bays and 3x M.2 slots, plus 128GB of ECC or nECC memory to run the most resource-hungry applications. Take your professional workflow to a whole new level of efficiency with this tower! Easily run multi-threaded applications for fast rendering, simulation, and real-time ray tracing.  All of this is made possible with the power of pro graphics and Intel K-series Core processors. 

HP Z2 Tower Gen9 next to two monitors
HP Z2 Tower Gen9, Courtesy of HP


These compact, yet mighty systems are perfect for designers and developers who need the performance without investing the big bucks! The capabilities of these systems are endless.  They all feature up to 55% recycled plastic from products like soda bottles and laundry detergent containers, bumping them up to a new level of environmentally conscious awesomeness! All of the new HP Z workstations are expected to be available sometime in March, but their price points have yet to be been released. Either way, sign us up for one of each!

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