The Star Trek Guide to Saving a Bundle by Buying Refurbished Hardware

The Star Trek Guide to Saving a Bundle by Buying Refurbished Hardware

July 2, 2015 0 By Doug Stuman

Financially, staying up to date with the latest hardware is no easy task for an IT department. After all, technology is constantly evolving and new hardware like servers, storage, and workstations can be a costly investment.

The good news? Buying the hardware you need doesn’t have to wipe out your IT budget. Instead, you can purchase high-quality, refurbished equipment that has been through a rigorous refurbishment process to ensure that it works properly.

Some people avoid buying refurbished equipment because they believe that it is unreliable, defective, or damaged. However, this is not the case. In fact, buying refurbished equipment is often a better decision than buying something new.

So, let’s consider a few of the benefits of buying refurbished hardware with the help of your favorite Star Trek characters.

Save a Lot of Money

Image of Captain Picard

Overspending on your technology? Captain Picard does not approve!

Just like Picard is in command of his starship, you are in command of how much you spend on your technology. Be like Picard and make good decisions – don’t throw your money away if you don’t have to!

IT hardware can be notoriously expensive, so it’s important for you to cut costs whenever you can without sacrificing quality. Buying refurbished hardware, like servers and workstations, from a trusted re-seller is a great way to do this. By doing so, you can stretch your IT department’s budget further. This way, you can afford larger projects or spend the extra money you save on other initiatives.

Low Failure Rates

In the original Star Trek series, Captain Kirk constantly needs to be able to rely on Scotty to keep the Enterprise and its crew safe. This is due to the fact that refurbished hardware is usually just as good as new hardware. So, just like Kirk counts on Scotty, you can count on your refurbished hardware to be reliable because enterprise-grade equipment is made to last with 24/7 use.

Luckily, refurbished hardware failure rates are extremely low. In fact, they’re almost nonexistent.

And don’t be mistaken – “refurbished” doesn’t mean the same thing as “used.” In fact, when you buy refurbished hardware it was probably just returned to the manufacturer for one of these reasons:

  • It was unused and returned in new condition
  • It had been opened and served as a floor model
  • It had a minor cosmetic defect or a part missing

When you’re thinking about how these reasons might affect the quality of the hardware, don’t worry – reputable hardware refurbishers take extra care when it comes to quality control, testing the equipment multiple times to make sure that the hardware’s performance is up to par with that of any new equipment.

Overall, buying refurbished hardware is the logical decision

Image of Spoke approving logical purchawse of refurbished hardware

Buying refurbished hardware? Spock would be proud.

Sure – fancy, brand new hardware might look appealing, but do you really need it to get the job done? Probably not. Logically speaking, it makes much more sense to buy something that functions just as well and is also cheaper.

The benefits of buying refurbished hardware don’t end there. By purchasing refurbished hardware, you’re being eco-friendly! That’s because, when you re-use hardware, you prevent it from ending up in a landfill and therefore help the environment.

Refurbished hardware also includes a warranty to provide you with additional peace of mind. So, if you’re trying to save money, it’s a no-brainer!

Don’t let the stigma of the word “refurbished” stop you from making a smart decision that can save you money. As long as you choose a trusted re-seller (like IT Creations!) and understand the hardware’s specifications and warranty before you purchase it, you’ll likely have a positive experience.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of buying refurbished hardware, check out our selection or contact one of our experts today. By the way, we offer one of the best warranties in the business on servers and workstations — our 5-Year Standard Warranty!